"We don't know where the Drones came from. But I'm sure of one thing: This war wasn't necessary. They were probably just curious of what we are. But we in turn opened fire on them, even if just by mistake. Just some silly pot shots at something we didn't even realise of what it was ..."
– Sakura Bucher

The Game

Spiel-Ansicht No One's Space is a Top-Down Shooter with 360°-movement. Several factions with their own fleets, arsenals and abilities are involved in a space conflict, which will be played out on 2D maps in the span of several campaigns. The graphics are handmade and full of details. A high diversity of effects forms an additional atmosphere and intensity.

The Project

Indie-Developer Turtle-Games is a small german indie game studio whose main goal is to continuously develop No One's Space while distributing it at the same time. In order to do so the game comes with an updater on the one hand and purchasable content that will be released as time goes by.

The Future

In Process At the moment we are hard at work to translate No One's Space into English. Other languages might follow, but it is not decided on yet. Right now the game is mainly developed for Windows, but groundwork for Mac- and Linux compatibility has been already laid. Other features that are planned: Voice Over, Online Highscore, Map Sharing, Multiplayer...